2004. Re-Releases of Cluster II, Cluster Zuckerzeit, Musik von Harmonia and on Universal Music 2006. June: Release of "Nurton" on Scratch, Label Bluepole 2007. Autumn: Release of "HARMONIA LIVE 1974" on CD und Vinyl In USA on Water Records In Europe on grönland records Tour as CLUSTER with Roedelius 07.Nov. UTRECHT, Netherlands Tivoli 09.Nov. LISSABON, Portugal www.numero-projecta.com Tour with Michael Rother 10.Nov. OXFORD,U.K. Audioscope Festival 12.Nov. BRISTOL,U.K. The Croft 14.Nov. FRANKFURT/ MAIN Sinkkasten 15.Nov.JENA Rosenkeller 22.Nov. OBERHAUSEN Zentrum Altenberg 23.Nov. BONN Harmonie 24.Nov. TWIST/MEPPEN Heimathaus Tour as HARMONIA with Rother& Roedelius 27.Nov. BERLIN Haus der Kulturen der Welt, worldtronics .
was born in Switzerland in 1944. He studied art in Brussels and Berlin. There he met Roedelius and Schnitzler. In 1969 they founded the group Kluster. After 2 years and 3 records Roedelius and Moebius continued alone as Cluster and a neverending tour through the whole universe began. In 1986 Moebius went on a tour through South America with Conny Plank and Arno Steffen. This tour was organized by the german cultural institute (Goethe Institut). Ten years later followed the last Cluster tour to Japan ans USA (thanks to Russ Curry). In 1999 he made a Japan and USA tour with Michael Rother and in 2002 a Japan tour with Mani Neumeier. In between he produced two records with Jürgen Engler (Die Krupps), Mani Neumeier, musicians from Embryo and Faust. He went on Tour with Rother to U.K., Holland and Belgium, and in 2005 he will be on tour with Rother to Italy and U.K. In 1999 he got married to Irene on Cook Island. Moebius has always been more interested in straightforward motor or handmade rhythms and the use of electronic, excentric and unpredictable machine noises. Moebius' solo works or his colaborations with Plank, Beerbohm, Neumeier and Renziehausen illustrate his passion for strange sounds with HDMI Splitter . Discography: 1970 Klopfzeichen One Hour 1994 1971 Kluster Osterei 1978 after the heat Double Cut 1983 En Route 1995 1971 Cluster 1978 Lilienthal Begegnungen 1984 Other Places 1996 1971 Eruption 1979 Grosses Wasser Zero Set 1984 Japan Live 1996 1972 Cluster 2 1979 Rastakraut Pasta Blue Moon 1985 First Encounter Tour 1997 1973 Music von Harmonia 1980 Cluster 71 Begegnungen 2 1985 Space Explosion 1997 1974 Zuckerzeit 1981 Curiosum Old Land 1985 Harmonia 76 1998 1975 Harmonia de Luxe 1981 Material Apropos Cluster 1989 Ludwig´s Law 1998 1976 Sowiesoso 1983 Tonspuren Ersatz 1990 Blotch 1998 1977 Cluster+Eno 1982 Strange Music Ersatz 2 1992 Live in Japan 2002 2006 Nurton